At Wilbraham Dental Associates, we perform limited orthodontics for adults.  Treatment is focused on straightening crowded or mis-aligned teeth.  We achieve the best results using clear aligners or “Invisalign” trays.  Treatment starts with a meeting of the patient and the doctor, at which time they will review the patient’s treatment goals and expectations.  Then, an intra-oral scan is performed of the patient’s teeth.  We find this is much more user-friendly than the traditional putty impressions—no more sloppy mess or gagging!  We also take a few clinical photos, and we send all the information to the laboratory.  After a week or so, we receive a digitized animation of the teeth moving into their proper alignment, as well as an estimate for treatment length and number of trays needed.  If the patient agrees, we have the trays fabricated, and the patient returns in a week or so to receive the first set of 3 trays, or 6 weeks of treatment.  The patient will then follow-up with our office at roughly 6-week intervals until alignment is complete.  Once we have achieved the desired results, we make a final clear aligner to be worn at night as a retainer.  If someone is not interested in another removable retainer, we can also make a bonded wire to fit behind the teeth, out of sight.

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