The most common implant-supported restoration is a single implant crown restoring a missing posterior or anterior tooth.   If you miss only one tooth, implant crown is the best treatment choice according to the concepts in modern dentistry, compared to a fixed bridge in the past.  Prior to the advance in implant dentistry, a 3-unit bridge used to be the treatment choice which is subject to decay and damage to the adjacent teeth.   2 to 4 months after the implant is placed and integrated into the bone, the dentist in our office will take CEREC digital impression of your implant, the gum and the adjacent teeth, design and mill the implant crown in just one visit as the CEREC machine eliminates the lab step.   If you miss multiple teeth in one area, an implant-supported bridge is the best treatment choice, supported by two or three implants underneath.  An Implant-supported crown and bridge closely mimic your natural teeth, therefore you will feel more comfortable and natural as if it’s part of your body.  You will love the look and enjoy showing your smile in the public.

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